Formal membership

dreamstimemembersMany of our congregation at Crossroads Ferney have taken the step of formalising their commitment to the church during the time they are with us. This means applying for membership of the association (Eglise Evanglique de Crossroads) - in France, churches are obliged by law to register as an association. There are two meetings a year which members attend - the AGM in April and the EGM in November. During these meetings, as well as business items around budgets and financial reporting, key issues are presented for discussion and approval, such as vision for the church, election of elders and ministry, building and staffing updates.

Membership is only for the period you are with us - its not like joining a denomination - so when you leave, we ask you to let us know so we can take you off the list.

Like to know more? Take a look at our membership form and ask to join our next membership class.