Staff and LEadership

From left: James Tetley, Connie Siedler, Louise Cray, Katie Wilkinson, Elia D'Andrea

James   Louise
James Tetley
Serving Pastor
  Louise Cray
Church Coordinator

James is British, married to Jayne, and they have four children. Before training as a pastor, James worked at Procter & Gamble for 7 years, the last 2 years being spent in Geneva when he and Jayne attended Crossroads. After graduating from Spurgeons College in London, James then served for 6 years as an associate pastor at Purley Baptist Church in South London before returning to Crossroads in November 2014. A long time ago, 4 children ago in fact, James loved to be outdoors and read in his spare time...
Taken on in 2005 to ensure the church remains fully caffeinated on Sunday mornings, Louise's tasks have expanded to include anything that nobody else does. Team-working to ensure our church is an open and welcoming one and connecting people across cultures are her favourite things to do. From the UK originally but now well rooted into the local community, Louise speaks fluent French; when she is not a work she is putting the finishing touches to her 3 grown up sons.
Connie   Katie
Connie Siedler 
Children's Pastor
  Katie Wilkinson
Youth and 20's/30's Pastor

Connie joined us in 2013 after spending eight years in Canada, where she graduated from Regent College with a Master of Divinity and Theology, and ministered to street-involved youth & young adults and women who wanted to leave sexual exploitation. Besides her heart for people, she has blessed us with her passion for God, His Word, and children. She is also multi-lingual (fluent in English, German, French and some Spanish) and multi-talented (with solid experience as a teacher, scholar and guest preacher).

Katie joined the team in 2014. She and her rock (aka husband) Troy and their daughter are a welcome addition to our church bringing energy, experience (youth leader at EBCG and the Anglican Church Basel) and education (Master of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminar). Katie celebrates her 20th anniversary in youth and young adult ministry this year - she must be older than she looks!

Elia D'Andrea
Youth Worker and Worship Team Coordinator

Elia joined the team in 2015. He spends a lot of time (maybe too much) with teenagers and music instruments but... he loves it! His mission is to present the message of the Gospel as relevant and surprising for the youth, using the best Book ever and a bit of craziness. Happy to play music, sports, silly games and driving groups all over Swiss and French alps or lakes, Elia's got the secret weapon of any Italian: he can make Pizza. Following King David's example and after 3 and a half years at the 'Ecole Romande de Musicothérapie' of Geneva Elia has graduated as Music Therapist.



Elders from left: Amar BRECKENRIDGE, Alan MACKENZIE, Elizabeth GACHUIRI, Mercy AHUN, Sheila ANAZONWU, Bonapas ONGUGLO, Temo WAQANIVALU